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Although we do not provide hands-on services in the traditional sense, we do offer advice, recommendations and guidance, and will act as a third party in working with you and your internal and external professionals to free you to do what you do best. Our emphasis is to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses, of yourself, your management team, and your business, as well as to help you maximize those strengths and to obtain needed services to compensate for any weaknesses. In addition, our company will help you to identify goals, design the best path, and create timelines to realize those goals. We will also act to hold you and your management team accountable to the agreed upon timeline to achieve those goals. As each goal is accomplished, we will continue to work with you and your management team to identify new goals which will help you ultimately realize your end goal. Next Level Planners, LLC is your management sounding board.

Some of our areas of expertise are in:

Procurement, ordering, reorder points

Inventory control and management

Production line management

Quality control and inspection processes

Accounting system development

Benchmark analysis and financial performance measurement

Tax planning

Entity selection

Budget development

Accounting Services

Accounting is a necessary item for all businesses. It is a tool with which, when properly performed, will provide valuable information to the business owner as to the financial state of their business. It will allow them to perform an objective comparison to their peers (benchmark analysis), assist with before the fact tax planning, support budget development, help with cost control and will enable the business owner to more effectively set pricing for goods and services.

Because most of today’s clients prefer to use QuickBooks, to insure we provide the best product we can produce at a comparative rate for services, we can only offer accounting and bookkeeping services to QuickBooks users.

Our accounting style is to keep it simple but effective. Working with the client to not only provide monthly or quarterly account reports,  we can also work with the client or their advisers to provide a custom report, tailored to be useful in meeting the reporting or managerial needs of the client.

Income Tax Preparation for Businesses and Individuals

Next Level Planners, LLC provides a full range of income tax preparation for both businesses and individuals. Our span of services ranges from tax return preparation for corporations and partnerships to individual taxpayers. These services are not just available for only Arizona filers, but also for any filers in any state in the nation. We also provide support services related to federal and state tax audits, including negotiations and offers in compromise.

Next Level Planners, LLC offers business start-up services, from recommending the type of entity to be formed, tax elections, accounting systems and methods, necessary document filings, to recommending issues for legal consultation, marketing, planning, and financial projections. Our company will soon be offering services to help entrepreneurs create sensibly priced business plans.

After the business is operational we can help by providing benchmarks for various expenses in proportion to revenues and profit margins for peer type businesses either nationally or regionally. This helps the business owner establish profitability and expense targets, which can lead to sales and expense budgets. It also allows them to compare their performance to that of their peers.

Ultimately, the entrepreneur must “Begin with the end in mind”, as Patrick Harter, President of Provision Team, Inc. has said many times to me. The entrepreneur must have an ultimate goal so that interim goals over time can be established, enabling the entrepreneur to reach their ultimate goal in a timely and controlled manner. We can help you reach your goals.

Existing businesses are those that have gone beyond the start-up phase and are ready to start setting functional and financial goals. This is a cyclic or continuous process. Next Level Planners, LLC is the sounding board for the entrepreneur in helping them objectively assess where they are in their journey to their end goal and to help them identify the interim goals necessary to reach that end goal. Once their present situation has been objectively assessed and the interim goals identified, the next step is to determine the means to reach each interim goal.

Because we are all human, we all need accountability. We will work with the business owner to help establish timelines and support weekly meetings to review goal progress. If the goal was achieved, a new assessment must be made and a new interim goal identified, and the means to reach that goal determined. If the goal was not achieved or if progress is not on schedule, then an assessment will need to be conducted to determine whether a lower or sub-tier goal must be inserted and the timeline adjusted. As an assessment is made, there is even the possibility that based on current reality, the means to achieve that goal may require adjustment.

Goal setting and management, is a recurring process and will continue to be such until the business owner exits their business.

As the entrepreneur prepares to exit their business, there are many considerations and decisions which must be made. Most people would say that the determination of a reasonable selling price is of greatest importance. We would say that the first consideration is to determine the ongoing financial needs of the business owner. Many factors will help determine the best answer to that question: current financial position, age, desire to start something new, whether to pass the business to family members or sell it to employees, or to bring in a partner if in their absence there is little or no value to the business. Will the sale be a total sale? Will the entrepreneur act as a consultant for a number of years after the sale? Are there royalties involved?  What are the current and ongoing tax consequences relative to the exit plan?

We will assist in helping the entrepreneur find qualified third-party experts to help answer these questions and will act as quarterback for the entrepreneur. Remember, the closer we are tied to something emotionally, the less objective we are. Acting as quarterback, we will help the entrepreneur realize a fair return for their investment.

How does your business’ financial performance compare to others in your industry? If your business is new without a performance history, what then should you consider as financial targets?  These questions can be answered by employing benchmark analysis.

For the new business, benchmarks can help establish financial targets, which will greatly assist in establishing budgets and financial goals. Because the new business has no history to compare to other like businesses in its industry, it can provide general guidelines of what others are achieving. It acts as a starting point from which the business owner has the necessary information to establish those financial targets. One of the most important points missed, especially, by many new business owners is the need to understand their competition. Understanding your competitor’s financial performance will reduce your risk as you invest your time, money, relationships, reputation, and especially the financial welfare of your family as you move forward with your new business.

For the established business, it gives the business owner the tools to compete better, to achieve and sustain themselves in a stronger financial position than that of their competitors, to increase the value and profitability of their business, and to eventually help the business owner realize the maximum financial benefit their business will give them when they are ready to exit their business. Sometimes exiting a business is not by choice but by circumstance. Exit planning cannot be successfully accomplished in the eleventh hour because of an emergency or some other unforeseen circumstance, but must be planned ahead of time. Keeping the business at its maximum value will help insure that the business is “sale ready” at any time and for any reason. It will also help keep the business in a financially stronger position should the owner need to obtain business financing of any type.

Next Level Planners, LLC has the necessary resources to provide benchmark analysis at the national, regional, and state level. We can also provide comparisons based on historical revenue. With proper benchmark analysis, you will know where you stand against your competition. Using benchmark analysis, we can help the business owner compete more effectively, and exit more efficiently, whether by choice or circumstance.

Fraud is an ugly word, but nothing compares when you become a victim of fraud. What is worse is when a business owner realizes that with some planning and organization, fraud protection controls could have been put into place, which could have reduced the possibility of fraud. Our company can help design and implement fraud protection controls to reduce the potential of fraud and further reduce its financial impact on the business or business owner.

Fraud ranges from employee theft, to theft of intellectual property such as proprietary information about designs, processes, client and supplier lists, and pricing guidelines. Fraud also includes identity theft, which includes the theft of names, social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers of employees, owners and family members whose information is kept in the business’s records. Fraud and identity theft are serious business and the consequences and costs for failing to take reasonable precautions to protect such information can far outweigh the cost of protection.

In 1999, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act went into law requiring financial institutions to insure the privacy and protection of consumer financial information. This act requires that financial institutions provide their customers with a copy of their privacy protection policy, and to take those steps necessary to protect such information using reasonable means. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, among the institutions that fall under FTC jurisdiction for purposes of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act are non-bank mortgage lenders, loan brokers, some financial or investment advisers, tax preparers, providers of real estate settlement services, and debt collectors. It even includes some retailers and automobile dealers that collect and share personal information about consumers to whom they extend or arrange credit. The penalty for failing to provide such protection is up to $100,000 per event and $10,000 for those officers of the business who had the responsibility to assure such reasonable protection. So if your business offers financing of sales, complying with the requirements of the act is good business.

We can work with the business owner to review their existing privacy policy and the actual steps being taken for protection of consumer information and recommend, when appropriate, those steps that should be taken to provide the necessary protection required by the act. If the business owner does not have a privacy policy, Next Level Planners, LLC can help to create a policy and to help identify those actions or procedures to comply with the act. We have outsides resources allowing the business owner and their employees and families to feel comfortable knowing that their privacy is being proactively protected.

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