How Healthy is Your Business ?


Next Level Planners is exactly what it sounds like: “A professional service which helps new or seasoned business owners realistically assess their businesses, identify attainable goals, and determine the steps necessary to accomplish those goals.” As a business owner myself, I can speak from experience that assessing the reality of your business is not as easy as it may sound. As business owners, we are too close to our businesses, both technically and emotionally to objectively assess where we are, where we want to take our business, and what it will take to get us there. Another area we have difficulty in is our self-assessment and in planning how our business will integrate with our lives, our families, and our friends.

Objectivity and reality are the two most critical points in business planning.  We can help. Next Level Planners will be the business owners’ sounding board, adviser, confidant, support team, and friend. Our company will present to the business owner what is attainable and help design the path to get there. For those goals, which are not presently attainable, we will work with the business owner to breakdown a presently unattainable goal into smaller, more manageable goals. We call this the “Stepping Stone Approach.”