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Regardless of whether you are a CPA, bookkeeper, accountant, tax professional, attorney or consultant, the following applies.
Having been a CPA in both private practice and as part of a firm that I helped to found, I believe that I have made most mistakes that accountants are known for. I believe that most schools teach people the technical aspects of their “JOB”. In short, we are taught how to have a “JOB”, but not how to run a practice. This is through no fault of our own or the education system. It just doesn’t happen. If I could go back to the beginning and have someone show me the ropes of running my own practice, how to create and manage a successful practice either as a solo practitioner or as a member of a firm, what frustrations would I have avoided? How far ahead would I be today? I am grateful that I have not had any professional issues with clients but if I had been taught how to effectively manage a practice, my life would have been much more fun.

Something we all need, every one of us, no matter how long we have practiced or how successful we think we are, is someone to walk with us and coach us on those unpleasant daily chores every business owner must deal with such as billing, collections, time management, organization, etc. I have learned over the years how to overcome the fear and discomfort associated with these issues. Take a look at your Accounts Receivable Aging report. Are your receivables more than 30 days old, more than 5% of your gross billings? Why? Are you still providing services to these businesses? Why? How do you bill? Do you bill by the hour, or should you bill by the value of work? What does your billing rates say about your own perception of the value you bring to the table? If you are not billing your value…..why?

We can help.

Where are you going with your practice? Are you directing your practice or is your practice directing you? Do you control your practice or do your clients? Are you working in your business but never on it? Why? We all need to do the work that puts food on our table. There comes a point when we need to also work ON our business, not just in it. This is where most accountants and other professionals fail to achieve their maximum potential. If they are not working ON their business as well as in it, then who is managing the store?

We can help.

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